Touch keyboarding is the most efficient way to enter data into a computer! Better typing skills will also increase productivity, Let your people focus on what is important and get more done with less effort! Additional benefits also come from improved ergonomics and confidence with computers. The Learn Skills Touch Typing course is easy-to-use, reliable and has achieved excellent feedback from our learners.


Topic Outline

Lesson 1 - Home Row
Lesson 2 - Keys E I
Lesson 3 - Keys R U
Lesson 4 - Keys T O
Lesson 5 - Capital letters and period
Lesson 6 - Keys C and comma
Lesson 7 - Keys G H
Lesson 8 - Keys V N
Lesson 9 - Keys W M
Lesson 10 - Keys Q P
Lesson 11 - Keys B Y
Lesson 12 - Keys Z and X


5 hrs

The entry requirements are a guideline of recommended personal ability and available computer software we expect you to have.  

Personal: None

Computer Software: None

We provide you with a Certificate of Completion in form of a course completion confirmation email at the end of the course.

This is an Online Course, giving you the flexibility you need to suit your professional and personal training needs.

Online training course using high quality multimedia with audio to fully engage the user.

For more information about this course, please contact us by email or phone 091 39 55 01.